Features of BizBize

Everything you need for flawless video conferences.

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Phone Dial-in

Join online meetings and conferences by phone, even when you don’t have internet access.
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Room Encryption

Hold safe meetings by sharing the room password you have created with the people you want.
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Control when participants joins the online meeting and admit attendees whenever you want.
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Record Meetings

Record your video calls and video conferences, archive and watch later.
Secure File Sharing
Easily and securely share end-to-end encrypted files via XperMeet cloud services.
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Screen Sharing

Share the whole screen, selected window or browser tab with participants during video conferences or webinars.

Add your logo

Reflect your brand identity and improve awareness of your brand by adding your logo on the platform’s interface.

Background Customization

Choose a background among multiple options or upload an image to customize the background to your liking.
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Detailed Statistics

Use detailed stats feature to access participant info, meeting details and video call durations.
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Hand Raise

Ask for permission to speak without interrupting the current speaker or cast a vote during your meetings with the raise hand feature.
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Video Layout Settings

Arrange how the participant videos are displayed on the screen. Simply drag and drop, adjust video screen size, and change the participant video location on screen.


Visualize your ideas and make your video conference meetings more engaging for participants.


Webinar platform BizBize allows you to hold uninterrupted and high-quality webinars and engage large audiences. Access thousands of people, synchronize your YouTube account and make live broadcasts simultaneously. In addition to speakers, include participants who use the hand raise feature.

Host Controls

Host controls allows the host to manage various aspects such as managing participants. Change the audio and video settings, limit or allow file sharing and manage private messaging functions. As the host, you can also remove unwanted participants from the meeting. If you are using BizBize for online classes, you can apply the predefined audio and video settings of “Teacher Mode”.
Encrypted Meeting Mode

Encrypted Meeting Mode

You can encrypt your audio and video by activating the encrypted meeting mode. Enter the external password or activate the system with your personal smart card for extra security.
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Authentication Key

If you want an additional layer of protection in your online meetings and video calls, you can create a physical security layer with the authentication keys, such as crypto-certified USBs or fingerprint authentication devices.
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Create and share questionnaires to gather responses from participants. You can prevent participants from seeing others’ votes if needed.

Video Sharing

You can share a YouTube video with the participants on the video conference platform. Watch YouTube videos together without leaving the platform.
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Private and General Chat

Send text messages to all participants or have a private conversation with the selected participants.
Vanity URL Customization

Vanity URL Customization

Customize the BizBize meeting link URL to reflect your corporate identity and increase brand awareness. All corporate clients can benefit from URL customization feature.

Invite Participans

BizBize video conferencing app can be integrated with all e-mail service providers, enabling you to send meeting invites ahead of time. You can also include the invitation on the invitees’ calendars.

License Control Panel

Manage the usage status of the licenses you have, view the user information and the authorizations of the users from the license control panel interface.
Flawless Video Communication Made Possible by Strong Infrastructure
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Strong Infrastructure

Enhance your video conferencing experience with BizBize, developed by BİTES. Enjoy all the useful features and leave your data security concerns behind thanks to security layers of the platform.
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End-to-End Encryption

All video, audio and information shared on the conferencing software are secured with end-to-end encryption, preventing 3rd parties to access or change them.
Web-Browser Based Experience

Web-Browser Based Experience

Use BizBize on your preferred browser, without installation.
Cloud and Local Setup Options

Cloud and Local Setup Options

Corporate clients have the option to choose from storing the data produced on BizBize on their local servers and secure BİTES servers.
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API Integration

Video conferencing system BizBize is fully integrable with other applications thanks to its API integration feature. Use the platform in accordance with your needs and take advantage of its flexible architecture.

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Language Settings
BizBize is available in English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian languages.

Mobile App

You can download our free video conferencing app from AppStore or Google Play.

High Quality Sound And Video

BizBize optimizes bandwidth automatically for faster data transmission, so that you can enjoy your video calls with high resolution audio and video.
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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Waste no time with the registration, easily access your user account with your LinkedIn or Google accounts. You can also log in to the platform via your already logged-in accounts on the “Xper” ecosystem programs.

Mobile and Browser Compatibility

You can access the platform from mobile devices like phones, tablets and laptops, and you can use it from anywhere, thanks to its infrastructure compatible with all internet browsers.
SIP Integration

SIP Integration

Our corporate clients can benefit from the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) integration, enabling participation to online meetings via phone, even without internet connection.
After-sale Support

After-sale Support

In case you encounter a problem or require technical support, you can request support on our website, get live support or contact a customer representative.
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Attendance Reports

You can display attendance reports including info such as the number of attendees, total speaking time of each participant, and call duration.