About Us .
About Us
BizBize is a videoconferencing and webinar platform, developed by BİTES. We are working hard to bringing secure and high-quality videoconferencing experience to your service. Our goal is to make your lives easier by offering you solutions to empower your business life and daily communication.
BizBize provides
secure file
Secure File Sharing
encrypted meeting
Encrypted Meeting Mode
Web-Based Application
Web-Based Application
and many other useful features for a comprehensive video communication experience. The platform was developed to meet a wide variety of video communication needs. Stay connected with your business partners and clients, expand your network and target audience or use BizBize as a reliable video call platform in your daily life.
BizBize is a part of Xper ecosystem and is fully integrated with XperWebinar, XperMeet, XperExpo, XperRemote, XperEvent and XperLMS.
Designed to boost your business’s digital transformation process, Xper solutions supported by BizBize’s secure communication capabilities will give you the edge you deserve!
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